BPAK is an easy to use and intuitive system to create briefing packs for participants attending meetings, conferences or events. It allows the creation and storage of information to inform participants of where they have to be and who else will be there. The system has the ability to also include information of external participants or organisations and their details.

As with all systems developed by DebugIT, BPAK is ready to use of can be customised and branded to your organisation. Contact DubugIT for more information.


  • Event Entry and categorisation
  • Entry of
    • Flights
    • Transfers
    • Accommodation
    • Meetings
    • Hospitality
    • Conference
  • Entry of participants
  • Assigning participants to events
  • Creation of briefing sheet for each participant
  • Creation of visual matrixes to inform the participant of daily schedules
  • Email participants directly with all the above details

Travel Breifing Pack Organiser


Create and organise travel and destination information 


Microsoft Office, Access/SQL