PAVMAN is a production scheduling and ordering system for the paving manufacturing industry. It is used to order pavers and manage the production of those pavers. It also monitors and manages the delivery of the pavers to the intended recipient. PAVMAN can manage the process from beginning to the end. It has clear and easy to use screens which greatly assists in the take up rate of the system. It has been created to utilise SQL Server Express or SQL Server making the system scalable from the smallest to the largest organisation.


  • Order entry
  • Customer entry
  • Product selection
  • Auto calculation of the number of pavers required
  • Auto calculation of the number of pallets and number per pallet
  • Scheduling production
  • Scheduling delivery
  • Auto generation of labels for each pallet
  • Worksheets
  • Production reports
  • Delivery reports

PAVMAN has been designed and created to be customised for any production scenario. Contact DebugIT to discuss your requirements.


Order and production manager


Take customer and order information and use it to schedule production


Microsoft Office, Access/SQL